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Habitantes 6000
Nivel sobre el mar 250 metros
Aeropuerto más cercano Almeria
Distancia del aeropuerto 92 Km
Distancia a la playa 8 Km
Temperatura máxima 35 C
Temperatura mínima 10 C


The town of Albunol (Albuñol) sits between the Costa Tropical coastline, and the stunning natural region of the Las Alpujarras, in the province of Granada. 

Nestled within the Contraviesa Mountains, Albunol is a delightful town that attracts holiday-makers looking for a traditional Andalusian destination, within close proximity to the amenities of the modern coastal resorts in the region.

The airports of Granada, Malaga and Almeria all sit within easy driving distance to Albunol. 

History records date back to the Roman-age, although remains have been found, in the nearby Cave of Bats, that suggest that the municipal of Albunol could have been the site for a prehistoric settlement.

Albunol was at its greatest during the centuries of the Moorish occupation, when the whole of the Alpujarras region was divided up into 12 districts. Set between the sea and the mountains, Albunol provided a perfect climate for vineyards and a winemaking industry. 

In more recent times Albunol has been first and foremost a farming town, but it does also have a long maritime history, even through it is not set directly on the coast. 

Around town
Albunol is a typical, attractive Andalusian inland town. Narrow winding streets, lined with whitewashed townhouses, in a typical Moorish-style. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy during your stay, and a good selection of amenities and facilities providing everything you need for a holiday.

Albunol has a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, offering a good quality of living. There is little traffic congesting the streets and you can stroll around and enjoy the sights and attractions in relative peace. 

Albunol is a predominantly Spanish-speaking town, so make sure you take your bilingual dictionary to order your delicious tapas lunch, and ‘caña’ (small beer!)

Places to visit
The whole of the Alpujarras region in Andalusia is an outdoor lovers paradise and the countryside around Albunol is no different. Set within a landscape of vineyards and almond groves, and the hills of El Gato, Los Galvez and La Ermita offer hikers some excellent routes. 

Visitors come from far and wide to visit the Cave of the Bats, located in the mountains around Albunol, the Cave of Baths was the location of an important find of Neolithic remains. Visitors can make their way through the cave system and the surrounding Necropolis. 

The coastline is just eight short kilometres from Albunol, so you can be enjoying the beach and Mediterranean coastline in no time at all. 

We highly recommend visits to the resorts of Salobrena, Nerja, Almunecar, and the city of Almeria is also within easy visiting distance.

Inland you can also visit the wonderful city of Granada, and the Alhambra Palace, Guadix with it’s modern day cave dwellings, and the Sierra Nevada National Park. 

Fresh produce and delicious home-styled recipes are what you can expect in Albunol. We recommend trying Albunol’s most famous dish, which incorporates garlic blood pudding and chorizo sausage. Both produced in the local region. Another well known dish is Choto al Ajillo, a beef stew with garlic, onions, black pepper, green peppers and tomato. 

The local vineyards produce fine wine and sherry, which can be sampled in most local bars and restaurants. 

Albunol boasts a wonderful climate, with skies so clear that you will marvel at the amount of stars you can see at night and a micro climate which means the sun shines nearly all year round. 

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