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lebendig, aber nicht touristisch überprägt

Casas de vacacionesdestacadas en Pontevedra

Ático en Sanxenxo (Playa de Silga)

  • 3 dormitorios
  • 6 personas
  • 2 baños
  • 2 aseos
  • 113 m² de vivienda
  • 60 m² de terraza
  • Piscina comunitaria
  • Balcón
  • Terraza

Chalet independiente en Cotobade

  • 4 dormitorios
  • 8 personas
  • 4 baños
  • 250 m² de vivienda
  • 2400 m² jardín
  • Piscina privada
  • Wi-Fi
  • Balcón
  • Jardín

Cortijo en Bueu

  • 2 dormitorios
  • 4 personas
  • 1 baño
  • 70 m² de vivienda
  • 50 m² de terraza
  • Jardín
  • Terraza
  • Mobiliario de terraza
  • Satélite

The coastal village of Bueu is situated 19 kilometres from Pontevedra and 35 kilometres from Vigo, and is one of the major fishing ports of Galicia. It is an important producer of salt fish.

The town is becoming increasing popular as a holiday destination due to it's beautiful beaches, gastronomy, and mild climate. There are plenty of beaches, on the coast as well as on the nearby Isla de Ons, with its virgin white sand.

It can easily be reached from either Vigo or Santiago international airports.

Iron age tools have been found in Bueu indicating a distant settlement. Remains of the Roman road 'Per Maritime Loca' that united Bueu with Pontevedra can be also be visited.

Bueu is home to various historic churches, including:

The Bueu parish church was built in 1865 on the remains of a rectangular Roman temple. Some of the materials used came from the old temple.

The Church of St. Mary of Beluso was written about in the twelfth century, when the Queen, donated the church to the Monastery of Poio. The main body of the church is sixteenth century. The bell tower was rebuilt in 1886 after the original was destroyed in a storm.

The Church of Santa Maria de Cela is a Romanesque church, founded in the second half of the twelfth century by the Order of San Juan. It is in the form of a single rectangular nave and apse.

The Church of Santiago de Ermelo has been reconstructed, with only the remains of original temple, which dates back to the twelfth century, still existing. Although many of the materials used in its reconstruction in the nineteenth century came from the original building.

The Capilla de Santa Cruz (Chapel), belonging to the Pazo de Santa Cruz, was founded in 1671; located in the grounds of a manor, it is only possible to access it in the month of September during the festival of Santa Efigenia.

Capilla de San Mamede de San Mamede: This hermitage is located in the parish of Beluso; according to some historians, its construction dates from the twelfth century in memory of San Mamed.

Historic buildings

The Pazo de Santa Cruz de Quitapesares was built in the seventeenth century, located in the Alto de la Carrasqueira it is in good condition. You can see its battlements and the coats of arms of several noble families who lived there.

The Pazo do Casal is located in the Plaza de Granada, on the road between Cangas and Bueu and is the oldest of the town manors dating back to the XV century.
Legend has it that Queen Urraca once visited.

Pazo de Castrelo is located in the Monte do Roxo, from which you can get a wonderful view. It is rectangular and contains the coat of arms and paintings of the families who inhabited it.

The Casa do Placer is a seventeenth century manor house, located close to the Chapel of San Antonio de Padua.


The Bueu coastline is an endless succession of beautiful sandy beaches and crystalline waters.

The Playa de Muiñom Vello is isolated but popular and borders the Lapam beach.

Playa de Covelo is a difficult to access small, rocky beach, but a haven of tranquillity when you get there. The beach is popular with divers who enjoy seeing the rich variety of crustaceans and fish here.

Playa de Portomaior has the EC Blue flag; there is a landing area for boats on this easily accessible 400 metre long beach. There are full facilities here for the holidaymaker.

Agrelo Beach Portomaior has a large area of sand dunes and a rocky seabed, rich in marine species. Calm waters and fine white sand make it the destination for thousands of tourists in the summer months.

Playa de Loureiro beach offers basic facilities and a boat landing area. Calm waters and fine sand along with some great places to eat make this a popular beach.

Petis Beach has difficult access, on foot only, from the Playa de Pescadoira and is consequently wonderfully quiet.

Pescadoira beach is the seafront pf the town of Bueu. This urban beach is pretty, and has many facilities and eateries. At the end of the beach are the fish market, the general market, and the port.

Bueu Playa Beach is sheltered by the breakwater east of the Puerto de Bueu port and Banda do Rio beach is a 400 metre stretch of beach with a large space for anchoring and mooring of all types of boats. Nearby there are many restaurants.

So small they are almost private coves, are the tiny beaches of Robaleira and Playa Grande Robaleira.

Playa de Beluso offers easy access, and in its calm waters there is a docking area and a small fishing port.

La Playa Sartaxéns boasts crystalline water, but is difficult to access over a rocky outcrop. Naturists use this beach.

Playa Tulla: This long beach of 500 metres and an average depth of 20m, offers visitors a complex of dunes and lush vegetation that provides shade. In the summer months, the beach is very popular. 

Playa de Cornide is a small rock and sand beach.

The white sand Cape Udra Mourisca Beach is easily accessible and can often boast some quite impressive waves. It has an area for mooring and recreational fishing.

The small Pedron Beach is the closest to Cape Udra; it is accessed via a path that passes through a dense forest.

Encoradoira beach: here the sea is calm here and the beach is surrounded by a large rocky area from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the estuary and the Cies and Ons islands.

Playa de Lagos offers good access and the services of a Blue Flag beach accredited by the EC. Sometimes windy with a moderate swell.

Playa Bon has the services that have earned it a Blue Flag from the EC. The beach has clean and quiet waters and is backed by extensive forests.

Leisure & recreation
There are many opportunities for water-sports in the area, as well as fishing. Boats can be hired with or without crew. The town has good sports facilities.

There are a good selection of bars and restaurants, with fish and seafood the main protagonist.

Walkers will delight in the woodland and many seafront routes and runners can enjoy sylvan paths and quiet roads.

The uniqueness of the Galician culture is demonstrated in the local gastronomy: you will not find so much rice or pasta in Galicia as you do elsewhere. Potatoes tend to be the accompaniment of choice for fish and meat dishes.

Shellfish is very popular in Galicia and seafood is considered the staple diet. Galicia harvests more fruits of the sea than anywhere else in Europe; the sand beds of the coastline, and the many fishing ports, make this possible.

The astonishing variety of fish species and crustaceans are prepared and cooked in a myriad of dishes depending on the region within Galicia. With the main cities being so close to the ports, freshness is always assured.

Bueu celebrates many fiestas throughout the year.

Bueu enjoys a mild climate; during the winter months it can be rather wet and windy, but even then the weather can change several times in one day. The summer months are particularly pleasant with long warm days and cool evenings.

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Opiniones acerca de Bueu

Promedio de calificaciones generales - Basado en 3 opiniones

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lebendig, aber nicht touristisch überprägt

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unterschiedlichste Sandstrände, frisches Atlantikwasser
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Le marché aux poissons est très appréciable; Ville propre

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Très belle région mais trop construite sur la côte
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Ville de très peu d'intérêt. Bon départ pour de belles excursions.

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Nous n'avons pas visité la côte.
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