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Habitantes 82000
Nivel sobre el mar 529 metros
Aeropuerto más cercano Madrid
Distancia del aeropuerto 78 Km
Temperatura máxima 35 C
Temperatura mínima 0 C

Toledo is one of the most important centers of european medieval history. It was capital of Spain from the Gothic epoch until 1560, fact that explains its really impressive medieval architecture. Walking through its streets one feels like having stepped back into the Middle-Ages, but in the best sense of it, and perhaps you will search your pockets for a few gold-ducats to buy some of Toledos fine artisany or just to enjoy of its highly recommendable cuisine.

Toledo is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Vibrant in history, the old center of the city can become packed with tourists during the weekends of high season, but if you can only do one day trip out of Madrid, this is the city to see.

ALCAZAR of TOLEDO (history):

The Alcazar in Toledo has suffered many sieges over the centuries but one of great importance was that of 1936. The Republicans were fighting to gain control of Conservative, Catholic Toledo. Francos rebel troops were controlled by Col. Jose Moscardo whose troops were inside the Alcazar, along with women and children. The Alcazar withstood 70 days of heavy bombardment. On July 23rd a Republican officer reached Moscardo by telephone within the Alcazar and the Colonel was informed that Republican forces had kidnapped his 16 year old son, Luis and unless he surrended immediately, Luis would be executed.

To prove that they had his son, he was put to the phone to speak to his father. Surrender or they will shoot me he said. His father replied then commend your soul to God, shout Viva Espana and die like a hero. The Republicans then shot Luis in the head. The fortress held out until it was relieved by Francos forces in September 1936.

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02 marzo, 2011

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Preciosa pero incomada ,mal señalizada y dificil de andar con un mapa. Buenos museos , exposiciones .Limpia ,buenos precios.

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