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Apartamento en Alfaz del Pi (Albir)

  • 2 dormitorios
  • 4 personas
  • 2 baños
  • 2 aseos
  • 80 m² de vivienda
  • 16 m² de terraza
  • Piscina comunitaria
  • Wi-Fi
  • Jardín

Chalet independiente en Alfaz del Pi (Albir)

  • 6 dormitorios
  • 15 personas
  • 5 baños
  • 200 m² de vivienda
  • 300 m² de terraza
  • 65 m² jardín
  • Piscina privada
  • Wi-Fi
  • Balcón

Chalet independiente en Alfaz del Pi (Albir)

  • 3 dormitorios
  • 7 personas
  • 2 baños
  • 2 aseos
  • 140 m² de vivienda
  • 60 m² de terraza
  • 800 m² jardín
  • Piscina privada
  • Wi-Fi
Albir is situated on the Costa Blanca in the south east of Spain, within the Community of Valencia, close to Benidorm, l'Alfàs del Pí, Denia, Vilajoyosa, Alcoy, Oliva, and Guadalest.

The modern town is spacious and clean, with lots of lovely wide tree-lined streets to stroll along in the evening or sit out on a pavement café and watch the world go by. Albir is a popular relaxing holiday destination, perfect for families.

The town is accesible from the A7 motorway and by train. The local airport is Alicante, less than one hours drive from Albir.

Originally Albir belonged to Cid-Cid (lord Cid), the town was then conquered by King James I and became part of the Kingdom of Valencia.

Albir was integrated into the province of Valencia from 1244. It was located close to the border with the kingdom of Al Andalus. In the 18th century it became part of the new province of Alicante.

Albir is famous for its beautiful sandy beach, the Playa de Racó de l’Albir, it has received many times over the European Union Blue Ribbon award.

Eating out in Albir you can enjoy the flavours of the sea, together with the magnificent rice and noodles dishes, traditional to this region. There are also international restaurants catering to every taste.

Albir enjoys a fantastic mild all year round climate, with temperatures reaching 40ºC in the summer; the winters are warm and temperate.

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